Elmwood Thermal Cut-Offs Series

Elmwood Thermal Cut-Offs (known as Thermal Links in Europe) interrupt a live electrical circuit based on their exposure to temperatures above their specified set point. Elmwood products can provide a cost-effective design alternative for applications which have been identified as requiring thermal protection.
Elmwood provide samples to parts design- engineer for evaluation in order to coordinate with each unique thermal dynamics.
We encourage customers to conduct examination of these products to determine the suitability on their applications.
Your new design evaluation is supported by both Elmwood's responsive sample policy and leading industry lead times.
In addition to the standard products, Elmwood offer a wide variety of custom configurations. Options range from mounting brackets and wire leads to unique lead bending and electrical insulation. These configurations can provide a cost-effective alternative to perform secondary operations in-house. Elmwood has more than 30 years experience on secondary operation service to make suitable product for customer application.

D Series
i Series
JD Series
RD Series
PD Series